Intel To Invest $7 Billion In America—Will Create 3,000 Jobs

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Intel’s Chief Executive Officer, Brian Krzanich, met with President Donald Trump today.

At the meeting, he announced that Intel will invest $7 billion over the next 3-4 years to build a new factory in Chandler, Arizona.

The factory will employ some 3,000 people.

It will manufacture 7 nanometer microchips.  Krzanich says that they will be “the most powerful computer chips on the planet.”

He went on to say that:

America has a unique combination of talent, a vibrant business environment and access to global markets, which has enabled US companies like Intel to foster economic growth and innovation… Our factories support jobs—high-wage, high-tech manufacturing jobs that are the economic engines of the states where they are located.

Trump thanked Krzancih and Intel via twitter:

This is big news, but it’s not the first instance of a major IT company pledging to support American industry under President Trump.

Recall that IBM also pledged to create 25,000 new American jobs back in December.


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