No One Likes Paul Ryan—Pressure To Remove Him As Speaker Gains Traction With New Petition

Paul Ryan Hates Keeping His Promises

Paul Ryan’s had a rough 100 days.

It started when he blew (arguably) the biggest promise of the Trump campaign: to repeal and replace Obamacare.

The “Ryancare” (read: Obamacare Lite) Act did not garner support from the majority of Republicans, nor did it secure the vote of the Freedom Caucus.

And even if it did pass the House, it would have been voted down in the Senate.

Many Trump supporters say this alone is enough to demand his resignation.

Any way you spin it, “Ryancare” was a disater for Republicans.

On top of that, Ryan’s “appeasement budget” is just another boondoggle—it gives the Democrats everything they want, while conservative voters get nothing.

The Democrat’s—Sorry, Republican’s —New Budget

The new budget includes funding for Obamacare, Planned Parenthood (who’s hobby is to lie about abortion statistics), the National Endowment for the Arts, and many other goodies Democrats are likely salivating over.

It even includes granting additional H2-B Visas for low-skilled immigrants. As described by Numbers USA:

The H-2B visa is a low-skilled, guest worker program that is typically used by employers to fill seasonal and temporary jobs, but these are the very jobs that many Americans without a college degree rely on to make ends meet.

More important is what the budget did NOT include: funding for the border wall.

In fact, the funding for the border wall was explicitly denied within the Congressional budget. Any money that went to border security was not allowed to be spent on building a wall aside from repairs already.

Paul Ryan Is On His Way Out

These giant blunders from the current Speaker have had many Republicans calling for his resignation.

He had months to lay the groundwork for President Trump’s campaign promises, as well as having a Republican House and Senate to wield to fulfill them.

Instead of taking responsibility for not being able to deliver with every opportunity to do so, he spends his time misleading the public over semantics about which budget funds what.

Watch his politicking here:

Actually Mr. Speaker, your budget does fund Planned Parenthood—why lie?

Paul Ryan has been seen by Trump supporters as an adversary since the beginning.

Now it seems he is an adversary to the conservative movement, and his constituents, as a whole.

There’s is even a petition to oust him from his role as Speaker of the House.

If it’s successful, let’s hope next Speaker will push for what the people want, rather than pandering to Washington’s special interests.

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