Non-Western Immigrants Consume 59% Of Denmark’s Tax Surplus

Study Shows Non-Western Immigrants & Their Descendants Cost Denmark 33 Billion Crowns Annually

A recent study conducted by Denmark’s Ministry of Finance concluded that in 2014, immigrants and their descendants cost Danish taxpayers at net loss of 28 billion Crowns per year.

Furthermore, when Western immigrants were removed from the equation, the net cost rose to 33kr billion.

Compare this to tax receipts from ethnic Danes, who contributed a surplus of 56kr billion in 2014.

The data below is from the study itself, although English translations have been provided.

non-Western immigrants cost Denmark 33 billion kr a year, and are undermining the viability of the welfare state

The report shows conclusively that immigration has been an economic disaster for Denmark.

In short: 59% of the tax surplus collected from native Danes is spent on ethnic minorities, who are a massive drain on the system.

Such shocking findings are often greeted with denial.  Is the study legitimate?  How is this possible?

First, the study was conducted internally by Denmark’s own finance department, in order to see exactly where Danish taxes were being spent.  Furthermore, the methodology is explicit, and the data transparent.

The study is good.

Second, although the data is shocking, it is believable.

Consider that ethnic minorities, who are by definition immigrants to Denmark, represent 84% of all welfare recipients, as of 2016.

Denmark also spends inordinate sums on crime committed by immigrants—8 of the 9 ethnic groups most represented in Danish prisons are non-Western immigrant groups, specifically Islamic immigrants.

In fact, non-ethnic Danes are 2-3 times more likely to commit crimes than Danes, and if their crime profile is anything like that of immigrants in Sweden, then it is likely that the crimes they commit are also generally more serious in nature.

Likewise, healthcare costs for immigrants groups are proving significant.  For example, 40% of patients in Denmark’s largest mental health hospital have immigrant backgrounds.

Why might this be?  Because of the prevalence of consanguineous marriages among Islamic immigrants, which greatly increases the risk of mental health problems.

In fact, when accounting for population, Muslim immigrants to Denmark are over-represented in mental health facilities by 1,300%

Regardless of these ancillary statistics, the takeaway point is that non-Western immigration has not benefited Denmark economically, nor has immigration benefited Germany—despite what open-borders advocates claim.

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  1. I’d like to see what the stats look like for other countries with much larger immigrant populations, because Denmark is relatively homogeneous.

    If it’s this bad there, I can only imagine what it’d look like in France or Germany.

    That being said, I don’t think the results are really that surprising: everyone knows (or at least they should) that the only group in society that actually pays a net surplus in taxes are white men. Even women are a net drain on government spending as a whole.

    Immigrants as a group are a massive dependent class, for the most part, even after generations.

    • In fairness I think East Asain men are likely also net contributes as seen by their universal low crime rates and their generally high incomes for example out earning whites in the USA.

      • I suspect you’re right, since the study I saw just lumped all immigrant groups together. It’s probably a little more nuanced like you say. But I’d say it’s mostly true.

  2. Hainous conclusion linking consanguinity and crime rate relating to mental health problems is a poor expanation for the violence that preval into muslim community.

    I do NOT accord and protest vehemently against the use you are making of these stats. If they are kept discret by Danish, it’s probably in spite of journalist like these one out of National Economics Editorial.

    Danish have made a choice for immigrant and they deal with it for reasons that you do not access to.
    Migrant often have suffered severe trauma in spite of so called “white” suppremacy impérialism. This is the kind of suppremacy that will deny any responsabilies in its own crimes and put them all on their victims.

    People of of National Economics Editorial are NOT interrested into truth, rather into being reassured of their domination on what they like to think as “their” world.

    Muslim, like Jewish and Christians are all dominated by the free masson like sects. Which is pushing islam into terrorism to divert them from their own abuse. USA manipulate the worlds media to make Islam look like an Afro descent religion whereas it seem as an imported religion made to replace the African diversity of religions.
    The finance who is manipulating nations into conflict, insure them an occupation while making business out of WAR. It is a criminal, self sustained business that has nothing to do with religion, nor skin color, but only with avidity.

    It’s the Rothschild/Rockefeller moto to divide and conqueer.
    Religion is used to fool the dummies who need a reason to use slavation of their own african ancesters to deny them even the fact they have a soul.
    So if you want to help stopping the contamination of the biosphère (fukushima is an american made desaster in japan who could blast half of it. Fukushima who’s dumping officialy 300 Tons every day in the sea of it’s nuclear waist. You can reduce the stupidity on hearth by bringing the right information. You can rise your conscious choices and self knowledge, you’ve got to put your brain at work…

    You have the responsability to feed your own brain with the right facts. Linking fake consanguineous marriage among Islamic immigrants with an increase of the mental risk of health problems is like writting about the Jewish in 1940, saying that they are consanguineous in spite of their religion. It is a stupid statement that leads to fascist conclusions.

    And this is your only choice, knowing that you, like anyone, will also die someday. It is your privilege to decide if you rather privilege a wrong information from the community who you belong (probably believing to be “white” privileged) or else the true information from anywhere else in the world.

    It seems that you allready made you choice, but being an intelligent choice, you are allways free to change… Just as these muslims you criticise maybe made the choice of being stupid… Or not.

    You will be denied the freedom you deny to others, in spite of the same argument you are using today. And if it’s not you, it will be your relative. It is you, who are writing for National Economics Editorial, who are making of these Muslims, consanguineous mental health problems subject. And washing your hands out of it, after pointing at the problem, you do nothing not only to solve it, but more important, to prevent it to happen. In fact, your attitude is deeping the issue. You probably know it, and therefore you fail for being honest.

    “Likewise, healthcare costs for immigrants groups are proving significant. For example, 40% of patients in Denmark’s largest mental health hospital have immigrant backgrounds.

    Why might this be? Because of the prevalence of consanguineous marriages among Islamic immigrants, which greatly increases the risk of mental health problems.”

    • Half of what you say seems to make sense, but the other half is just pure bullshit.

      I agree that the Rothschilds and the other banking families are the ones behind mass immigration to the West (not just of Muslims, but all 3rd worlders), and they’re doing it specifically to divide and conquer. It’s pretty obvious that unity comes through strength, not division.

      But as for the rest of it, fuck every inch of you.

      Migrants aren’t without guilt for raping and killing white women because of “white supremacy” and “imperialism”. Every man is accountable for his own sins. The guilty should be executed in public for all to see, the rest should be deported for supporting barbarism.

      Also, the fact that you’re actually defending in-breeding, and pretending that it doesn’t have any negative effects makes me think you’re just an in-bred Muslim pretending that his shit doesn’t stink.

      50% of all Islamic marriages are between 1st cousins, same for their parents, and grandparents. Generations actually. Even after 1 generation there is a big risk for mental health problems, a lower IQ, and genetic defects. After a few generations it’s a given.

      So pointing out that Muslims make up a giant percentage of all retards isn’t at all racist, it’s a fact. If you marry your cousins for generations, you’ll probably have retarded kids. That’s just a fact. Also, people who’re inbred are way more likely to be low-IQ, and violent. This isn’t related to race, it’s just a basic biological fact: the same reason dogs that are too-inbred are always fucked up.

      Bringing a bunch of inbred people who come from a culture that hasn’t changed since the Middle Ages, who don’t have any endogenous technology or science, and putting them into the modern world is not only a dumb idea, it’s cruel to both sides, if we’re being honest.

      Also, the fact that you think racial difference is just “skin color” is laughable anyways. You don’t think people that evolved separately for 60,000+ years, and have different admixtures from other human species (like neanderthal, denesovan), are at all different? Come on man, anyone with a working brain knows that racial differences are pretty profound. That doesn’t mean we can’t coexist, but denying the obvious is just lunacy.


      “Consanguinity and reproductive health among Arabs”

      Consanguinity has strong scientific linkage to negative health effects and genetic disorders. Islam also has a strong doctrinal and empirical link to violence.

      Danes made no ‘choice for immigrant’, just some traitor globalist politicians, and now the Danes are more and more against such toxic mass-immigration:

  3. Conclusion Haineuses liant et le taux de consanguinité et la criminalité liée aux problèmes de santé mentale. C’est un pauvre explication pour la violence qui prévaut dans la communauté musulmane.

    Je ne suis pas d’accord et je proteste avec véhémence contre l’utilisation que vous faites de ces statistiques. Si elles sont conservées par Danois discret, il est probablement en dépit du journaliste comme ceux sur un éditorial du National Economics Editorial .

    Les Danois ont fait un choix pour les immigrants et ils y font face, pour des raisons que vous ne connaissez pas.

    Souvent les Migrant ont subi un traumatisme grave à cause ce qu’on appelle le suprématisme « blanc » qui relie couleur de peau (colorisme) et religion. Ce qui n’a rien à voir…. C’est le genre de suprématie qui refusera toute responsabilisé dans ses propres crimes et les mettra tous sur le compte de ses victimes.

    Les journalistes du National Economics Editorial ne sont pas intéressés par la vérité. Ils répandent une propagande qu’ils ont apprise au catéchisme cathodique, plutôt en être rassuré de leur domination sur ce qu’ils aiment à penser que c’est « leur » monde.

    Musulmans, comme juifs et chrétiens sont tous dominés par les Franc-Maçon et autre secte discrète. Ce sont ce genre de groupe qui pousse l’islam vers le terrorisme détourner de leur propre violences. Les financiers (principalement américains) manipulent les médias du monde pour faire passer l’islam pour une religion Africaine alors qu’il semble que cette religion y ait été importée pour remplacer la diversité africaine des religions.
    Les financement qui manipulent les nations en conflit, s’assurent de leur donner une occupation tout en faisant du business avec la guerre pour ses industries de l’armement. C’est pûrement une entreprise criminelle, auto-entretenue qui n’a rien à voir avec la religion, ni la couleur de la peau, mais seulement avec l’avidité de quelques manipulateurs sans âme.

    C’est un principe de Rothschild / Rockefeller de diviser pour conquérir.
    La religion est utilisée pour tromper les hommes de pailles dont les financiers se serve dans les églises pour justifier l’esclavage de leurs propres ancêtres africains et pour leur refuser même le fait qu’ils ont une âme.
    En fait, les financiers affirment que leurs esclaves n’ont pas plus d’âme qu’eux, ce qui est faux. Les financiers ont vendu leurs âmes sur la bourse du bien être.

    Donc, si vous voulez aider arrêter la contamination du biosphère (Fukushima est un désastre purement américain au Japon qui pourrait faire sauter la moitié de la planète en cas d’explosion thermonucléaire. Ce qui pourrait arriver, la situation n’étant plus sous contrôle.

    Fukushima qui a contamine officiellement 300 tonnes d’eau radioactive par jour en mer.

    Vous pouvez réduire le foyer de stupidité en apportant les bonnes informations. Et vous pouvez augmenter vos choix conscients et la connaissance de soi, mais pour cela vous devez mettre votre cerveau au travail …

    vous avez la responsabilité de nourrir votre cerveau avec les bons faits. Lier consanguinité et mariage chez les immigrants islamiques avec une augmentation du risque de problèmes de santé mental est comme écrire sur le juif en 1940, en disant qu’ils sont consanguins à cause de leur religion. c’est une déclaration stupide qui conduit à des conclusions fascistes.

    Et cela est votre seul choix, sachant que vous, comme tout le monde, allez mourir aussi un jour. Vous avez le privilège de décider si vous privilégiez plutôt une information erronée dans la communauté à laquelle vous croyez appartenir appartenez (probablement croyant être « blanc » privilégiés) ou bien si vous publiez une information vraie de partout ailleurs dans le monde d’où qu’elle vienne.

    Il semble que vous avez fait votre choix déjà, mais si c’est un choix intelligent, vous êtes toujours libre de changer… Tout comme ces musulmans que vous critiquez, vous avez peut être fait le choix d’être stupide … Et de le rester… Ou pas…

    Vous serez vous aussi privé de la liberté que vous déniez à d’autres, à cause des mêmes argument que vous utilisez aujourd’hui. Et si ce n’est pas vous, ce sera vos parents, vos enfants, vos cousins. C’est peut être déjà encours et ça vous arrivera éventuellement avant la fin de votre vie. Vous qui écrivez pour la National Economics Editorial, qui font de ces musulmans, des problèmes consanguins de santé mentale.
    Il ne suffit pas de se laver les mains après avoir signalé le problème, pour autant qu’il soit vrai, si c’est vraiment ce que vous croyez.

    Vous ne faites rien non seulement pour le résoudre, mais le plus important, pour éviter que cela se produise. En fait, votre attitude est aggrave le problème. Vous le savez sans doute, et donc vous n’êtes pas honnête.

    Je dois signaler que la traduction en Français de votre article à laquelle j’ai accédé ne comprend PAS cet paragraphe qui montre votre propagande fasciste de désinformation.

    « De même, les coûts de soins de santé pour les groupes d’immigrants se révèlent importants. Par exemple, 40% des patients du plus grand hôpital de santé mentale du Danemark ont ​​des antécédents d’immigrants.

    Pour quelle raison ? C’est à cause de la fréquence des mariages consanguins chez les immigrants islamiques, qui augmente considérablement le risque de problèmes de santé mentale « .

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