New Research Reveals 168 Million Migrants Trying To Enter Europe: German Welfare Is A “Giant Lure”

 Germany Is 39% More Popular With Migrants Now Than Before The Syrian Refugee Crisis

New research from Gallup confirms the obvious: Angela Merkel’s refugee policy was a big, fat mistake.

By opening up Germany’s borders to refugees and migrants, Angela Merkel has created an irresistible incentive for economic migrants from the third world to seek asylum in Germany—and Europe as a whole.

In fact, the number of people clamoring to enter Germany has increased by 39% between 2012 and 2016, from 28 to 39 million.

That’s 11 million additional people.

For context, the number of people trying to migrate to the USA has stayed the same, and the number seeking to enter the UK has decreased during the same period.


Rhetoric.  Policy.

Both the UK and the US have, at least rhetorically, cooled on the notion of importing millions of refugees into their countries—they got the signal.

Words matter.  Symbols matter.

A good example of this is Donald Trump: he hasn’t even built the wall yet, but his tough-talking has caused border crossings to drop by 93%—all without spending a dime.

On the other hand, Germany, along with other “humanitarian superpowers” like Sweden, provide generous welfare benefits to any and all migrants.  For example, Sweden is currently spending almost 20% of its federal budget on migrants.

Germany, like Sweden, is acting as a giant lure to Europe.

If you want a better life, why work for it in the US when Germany of Sweden will give it to you for free?

Given this dichotomy, the results are wholly unsurprising.

This is bad news for Europe as a whole—Germany’s misplaced generosity has turned the continent into a lure for low-skilled, uneducated immigrants.

At least 168 million people, mostly from Africa and the Middle East, selected Western European countries as their destinations of choice.

That’s enough people to completely inundate the continent, break its economy, and cause huge social and political turmoil—it’s so many that I don’t think even the most radical open-borders advocate would try to justify letting them in.


There is a real refugee crisis in Ukraine.  And what has Europe done?  Nothing.

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