Swedish Security Service: “Thousands” Of Radical Muslim Extremists Entered Sweden As “Refugees”

radical islamic extremists are proliferating in multicultural, politically correct Sweden

The Number of Islamic Extremists in Sweden Grew From Hundreds to Thousands Since the Migrant Crisis

According to the Swedish security service, the number of radicalized Muslims in Sweden has grown from hundreds to thousands since the beginning of the Syrian Refugee Crisis.

Furthermore, the number of intelligence pieces that the service looks into every month has tripled, from 2,000 to 6,000.

According to the agency’s head, Anders Thornberg, Swedes “have never seen anything like it,” and the proliferation of Islamic extremism represents a “historic challenge” for Sweden.

Although he was, in classic Swedish fashion, equivocal as to the precise cause of increased security threats, he mentioned that the radicalization of young Islamic men (presumably migrants) was a key factor.

And of course it was: there is simply no way that a small country like Sweden could adequately assimilate over 318,000 migrants and refugees in the span of a few years—especially since they come from an alien (and hostile) culture, hold antithetical religious beliefs, and live in self-segregated communities.

In fact, there are now 55 “no-go” zones (Islamic ghettos) in Sweden as of last year, mostly located in major cities like Stockholm and Malmo.

The fact is that most of the migrants do not want to assimilate, and those that do rarely have the chance due to the nature of settlement.

And of course, it’s Swedish taxpayers that are on the hook for all of this—and it’s a steep one at that.

A report from the NEE (us) estimates that migrants will cost Sweden 19% of its national government budget in 2017.

Most of this money is spent on lavish welfare for the migrants, but an increasingly large proportion is spent on policing refugee crime.

The same report finds that serious crimes committed by people of non-Swedish ethnicity has tripled since waves of migrants arrived in Sweden.  Tripled.

This goes hand in hand with the number of intelligent reports filed with the Swedish intelligence service. Coincidence?


And on top of everything, Sweden’s government is trying to hide everything.  They are actively suppressing the costs of the migrant epidemic by fudging the numbers.  Likewise, they punish those brave enough to speak out against the crime with draconian “hate speech” laws.

People, including law enforcement agents, have been arrested for even mentioning the costs of migrant crime in Sweden, or positing that a connection might exist.

Watch the following video on the topic for more on that.

The bottom line: thousands of radical, young Islamic men have entered Sweden, and thousands more will continue come if Germany and Sweden keep offering free stuff to every migrant—168 million people from Africa and the Middle East are still looking to enter Europe if they could.

And beyond that, those already there will continue to radicalize due to the presence of no-go zones, and Sweden’s inability to name the threat, much less do anything about it.

And, as always:

There is a real refugee crisis in Ukraine: why has Europe turned its back on Ukraine, and instead dedicated all its resources to resettling people from Islamic countries?

Ask this question until we get answers.


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