Sweden Passes Law To Be Carbon-Neutral By 2045, But Will Be 3rd World Country By 2030

sweden will become a 3rd world country by 2030

Sweden Passes New Law to be Carbon-Neutral by 2045—Who Cares

Sweden, everyone’s favorite socialist paradise and self-described “humanitarian superpower” is hellbent on saving the world again.

They’ve just passed a law that will force the country to become carbon-neutral by 2045.

That is: the carbon from everything they burn will have to be recovered and sequestered on a one-to-one basis.

Perhaps they can use one of those fancy carbon-capture facilities (you know, the ones that cost millions of dollars but do the work of only $17,000 worth of trees).  Sweden yes.

And speaking of trees, Sweden’s forests already absorb more carbon than Sweden emits: in practical terms, Sweden is already carbon neutral.

Remember, Sweden is small: it only emits 55.8 million tons of carbon per year.  That’s nothing—almost literally.

Right now, China’s carbon emissions alone exceed 10,641 million tons of carbon every year.

This means that Sweden’s carbon footprint is barely half a percent as large as China’s, and China doesn’t even cause half of the world’s emissions.

Sweden could literally stop existing, and nothing would change in terms of global carbon emissions.

Sweden doesn’t matter.

They’re just trying to get international attention.  Instead, they’re getting ridiculed.  Classic Sweden.

Now in all fairness, I think they’ll make their goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2045.

In fact, I bet they’ll make it by 2030.


Because Sweden will be a 3rd world country long before them.  Even the UN estimates that Sweden will become a basket case by 2030—15 years ahead of schedule.

Why?  Their immigration and refugee policies are completely unsustainable—the refugee crisis alone is costing Sweden 20% of its government budget.  Wasteful spending like that simply can’t continue.  And it won’t.

Sweden’s economic collapse will ruin its economy long before this law ever takes effect.

Good job Sweden.

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