EU Finally Admits Most “Refugees” Are Economic Migrants—Recommends Mass Deportation

the european union finally admits the refugees are actually economic migrants

European Union Acknowledges People Entering Europe Are Economic Migrants, Not Refugees

Well, the European Union finally admitted it: most of the people entering Europe aren’t refugees, they’re a toxic mix of economic migrants and  (presumably some) jihadists.

From the Express:

EU Diplomats today admitted that hardly any of the people arriving in Europe on boats are genuine refugees as they vowed to quicken up the rate of deportations for failed asylum seekers.

Officials in Brussels said the newest wave of migration from North Africa was “clearly and manifestly about economic migrants” and said those people had no right to “enter European soil”. 

This is big progress for the Byzantine machine that is the EU.

Their next step is to figure out what’s drawing them all to Europe.

Here’s a hint: economic migrants are poor and want a better life.  Europe offers a better life by providing massive welfare benefits to anyone who arrives there (particularly in Germany and Sweden).

In fact, Sweden’s even willing to take out massive loans, and bankrupt their government to ensure every migrant gets a nice pair of designer glasses, and a free house.

That’s why more people from Africa and the Middle East are trying to enter Europe than ever before—fully 168 million people are trying to enter Europe.

There’s no question that idiotic leaders like Angela Merkel made it worse.  Saying you’ll welcome anyone and everyone is bound to attract more people.

Migrants Are Destroying the European Union

The fact is that refugees (undercover migrants) are undermining Europe’s economic vitality and political stability.  They are eroding Europe’s culture, and in many cases, harming its people.

Open borders are largely to blame for the EU’s recent economic malaise,

Just look at Sweden. Refugees will cost $18.6 billion this year alone. Crime has demonstrably increased, so much so that there are now over 50 no-go zones where police and emergency services can’t even enter without fearing for their safety.

The problem is so bad that the United Nations itself has predicted that Sweden will become a third world country by 2030.

In Germany, 80% of migrants are on welfare.

In Denmark, non-Western migrants consume 59% of the entire state’s tax surplus.

The list goes on and on.

It’s why Hungary and the rest of the Visegrad are building walls and paying billions in penalties to avoid accepting migrants.  They’ve seen how much damage migrants have done in Germany—they want none of it.

And it’s one of the main reasons Britain voted to leave the EU.  The EU is imploding, and migrants are extra fuel on the fire.

While it’s good to see the EU finally admitting they have a problem with migrants, not refugees, it’s not enough.

It’s time to send them packing.



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