California’s War On Second Amendment Will Strip Teachers Of Firearms—To End School Shootings

California Law Will Make Schools “Gun-Free” Zones

Next week, California’s Senate Appropriations Committee will deliberate a new law which will restrict K-12 teachers, who have otherwise valid concealed carry permits, from carrying their firearms on school grounds.

This law, brought forward by a democratic assemblyman from Sacramento named Kevin McCarthy, beefs up current restrictions, which allow concealed carry provided the school district approvals.

Basically, it will make California’s K-12 school campuses truly “gun-free” zones.

But in fairness, this won’t affect that many people, as only five school districts in all of California currently allow teachers to carry firearms.  This law would bring the number down from five to zero.

But that’s not to justify this blatant violation of the second Amendment.

The Second Amendment of the US Constitution clearly reads:

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

It’s quite clear.  Furthermore, the preponderance of jurisprudence favors a common-sense interpretation.  What California’s doing is a clear violation of its citizens’ rights.

And beyond that, the law is based on asinine logic.

California’s democrats presumably want to make schools safer by ensuring that teachers don’t have access to firearms.  But how does that work?

Have we been struck with a rash of teachers massacring their students at point blank range?  No.

People who attack schools are often students themselves, and are always mentally ill—they’re not teachers.

And importantly, they’re not law-abiding citizens.  Stripping teachers of firearms only makes schools even more vulnerable to attack, since they’re so-called soft targets.

If you’re a lunatic looking to kill as many people as possible, where would you go?  A police station or an NRA rally?  Doubtful.  You’d target a place with lots of defenseless people, like a movie theater or school.

As California clamps down on guns, gun sales increase (ironic).  For example, California’s gun sales have increased 300% over the last decade.

But the politicians don’t care what the people want in the Sunshine State.

This bill has already passed the California Assembly and a different Senate Committee.  It will likely pass this next trial as well, and go on to become law.

California has long been a Democratic stronghold, which is why they are consistently employing failing policies and destroying their own state.

The committee votes on July 10.  There is still time to get in touch with your senators.

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