Taxpayers On Hook For Bill de Blasio’s Trump-Bashing Trip To Germany

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Trump-Bashing Trip to Germany Deemed Acceptable “City Purpose”—Taxpayers on Hook

On June 10 New York City’s Conflicts of Interest Board deemed that NYC’s taxpayers would be on the hook for Mayor Bill de Blasio’s trip to the G20 Summit in Germany.

The Board deemed the trip had an appropriate “city purpose” and would therefore be paid for using “city funds.”

And what exactly was that appropriate purpose?

To oppose President Trump’s policy agenda by “representing New York City and [its] values, and providing an alternate American viewpoint to the deeply problematic vision of President Trump.”

Among other events, de Blasio gave the keynote address at an anti-Trump protest in Hamburg, called “Hamburg Shows Attitude.”  Fitting.

Although taxpayers do not yet know the full cost of the trip, it was likely expensive, as eight NYPD officers traveled to Germany to make security arrangements, in addition to de Blasio’s personal bodyguards.

It all adds up.

And of course there is the broader political question regarding whether or not city mayors should be undermining the President’s foreign policy agenda, especially on taxpayer dollars.

Governmental powers are separated for a reason: de Blasio’s reckless trip to Germany is profoundly counterproductive, in addition to being a waste of money.


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