86% Of Sweden’s “Child Refugee” Applicants Are Adults, Government Study Says

the european union finally admits the refugees are actually economic migrants

86% Of Sweden’s “Child Refugees” Are Likely Adults

According to newly released data from the Swedish National Board of Forensic Medicine (RMV), up to 86% of Sweden’s so-called “child migrants” could be adults.

The RMV began medically testing “child” migrants to ascertain their biological age in mid-March, 2017.  To do this, they looked at the development of the children’s wisdom teeth and wear on the knee joints.  Testing continued until June 30, 2017.  During this time the RMV forwarded a total of 1,481 cases to Sweden’s Migrant Board.

Here’s what they found: of the 1,481 child asylum applications forwarded, 1,215 applicants were biologically adults.  That is, 86% of Sweden’s “migrant children” were likely over the age of 18.

And of course, the vast majority of them were male—only 33 of the “underage” asylum-seekers were women.

Given this sample, it’s reasonable to infer that most of Sweden’s underage asylum seekers were actually adult males, who lied about their age to gain priority.

If I’m being honest, I’m really not surprised.  Anyone with eyes and a brain should’ve known they weren’t children just by looking at them—how many children are 6’3 and have clearly went through puberty?

See for yourself:

All men.  No women.  No children.  Here’s another one:

Again, it’s nothing but young men.  Where are the women and children that typically make up “refugee” populations?  They don’t exist.  These men aren’t refugees.  Period.

Now, given that Sweden accepted some 57,000 “children” into the country during the peak of the migrant crisis, this means that just over 49,000 of them were frauds.  Not only is this disgustingly duplicitous, but it’s expensive, since Sweden gives underage refugees relatively large living allowances (in addition to healthcare, education, and shelter).

All totaled, Sweden’s spending nearly 20% of its national government’s budget caring for the migrants.

And what does Sweden get for their money?

They get terrorism, for one.  According to their own intelligence services, thousands of Jihadists have entered the country under the guise of refugees.

They also get crime.  Remember when 60 Minute’s crew was attacked by migrants in Sweden, and were saved when a local man rammed his mobility scooter into one of said migrants?  No?  Watch this:

And let’s be clear, this isn’t just Sweden’s problem, this is happening all throughout Europe.

For example, according to the UK’s Home Office, some two-thirds of the “child” migrants living in Calais’ “Jungle” were adults (before it was bulldozed).

The same is true in Denmark, whose government found that 3 in 4 child migrants are actually adults.

None of this bodes well: Sweden, and Europe needs to get its house in order, or it will be completely inundated with migrants—168 million of them are hoping to make their way into Europe.


There is a real refugee crisis happening in Ukraine right now.  So far, Germany has accepted some 150 of the potential 2.6 million refugees, and has sent woefully little in aid.

Yet they’ve ushered in 3 million people from Africa and the Middle East into Europe, at great expense.  Why?

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