New Poll Shows UK Voters Still Want Brexit, Favor Tougher Approach To Extremism

The Pro-EU Institute For Global Change, founded by former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, recently conducted a poll that shows British voters are still in favor of Brexit, and that many wish their government was more hostile to extremism—contrary to the mainstream media’s narrative.


The Majority Of British Voters Still Want Brexit

As we know, the Institute For Global Change is unapologetically pro-EU, and Tony Blair himself advocated vehemently against Brexit during the referendum campaign.

So it is ironic that Blair’s foundation’s own poll shows that the British public is at loggerheads with the elite’s vision for Britain.

Only 25% of those surveyed disagree with the statement “Brexit must mean Brexit”—the turn of phrase used by Prime Minister Theresa May after the referendum to calm nervous voters who questioned her intentions.

By taking a deeper look into the beliefs of the voters, it is obvious why the majority want Brexit to move forward.

For example, 70% of British voters either do not want people within the EU to be able to come to the UK without having first secured a job, or they want stricter controls on migrants claiming welfare (or “economic migrants”).

Immigration is clearly a major concern for the British public, especially in light of what’s happening on the European mainland.

A good example is Sweden, which even the UN has flagged as being in danger of sliding into relative poverty in the comings years.  They have taken in so many economic migrants that they are spending 9.3 times as much as they initially budgeted.

Something similar is happening in Germany: not only are they spending a disproportionately large amount on migrants and immigrants, relative to native Germans, they are quickly changing the nation’s historic demographic mix.

British Voters Fear Terrorism From Inside The EU

Aside from the economic implications, terrorism is another major reason why British voters remain pro-Brexit.

Such concerns are fueled by terrorist attacks throughout the EU, and the UK specifically—there has been a rash of attacks in London this summer.

Partly because of these (legitimate) fears, some 75% of Britons believe the borders are “too open”

Lastly, the majority of UK voters (58%) want their government to take a tougher approach when it comes to tackling extremism.

The polls conclusively show that the majority of Britons are still in favor of Brexit, despite what the mainstream media claims, and that concerns over immigration and terrorism are fueling this.

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