Reebok Calls Trump Sexist—But Look At Their Ads

I’ll be honest: I don’t buy Reebok stuff.  I’m an Adidas guy.  Always have been.

But I know lots of people that (used to) like Reebok—that is until they too joined the self-destructive game of corporate virtue-signalling by tweeting anti-Trump nonsense.

Remember when President Trump complimented Brigitte Macron, wife of the French President, at the G-20 Summit?  He said she was in “great shape” and was “beautiful”.

And of course, he’s not wrong: Mrs Macron is in excellent shape for a woman her age.  No bones about it.

But apparently Reebok thinks this rather unremarkable, forgettable compliment—the schmoozing version of talking about the weather—is so heinous as to warrant the following tweet and infographic (which are surprisingly expensive):


I’m not sure what makes Reebok, maker of relatively mediocre running shoes and ugly sports-gear, an expert on third-wave feminism, but this tweet doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

Like I said: President Trump was just doing and saying exactly what any normal person would expect him to say.  I suppose my point is this: is anyone surprised?  No.

Next, does anyone care?  Aside from the ardent social justice warriors, I doubt it.  Frankly, this is nothing compared to some of the things President Trump has said in the past—and America still voted for him.  Most people don’t care what he says, we care what he does.

Most people just want President Trump to make America great again.

Third, is Reebok stupid?  Didn’t they learn anything from the corporate mismanagement at Starbucks or Nordstrom?  Conservatives buy shoes too.  This point is obvious—I won’t belabor it.

Finally, people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.  Reebok’s trying to claim the moral high ground, and yet these fools have been exploiting woman’s sexuality to sell their brand for decades.

Anyone remember Reebok Retone shoes?  Not only were the ads blatantly sexist, but they didn’t work anyways.  Here are some examples of Reebok’s hypocrisy:

First up is supermodel Miranda Kerr stripping down to have a shower after a workout (wearing Reebok, naturally).

And here are some of the prints ads (more can be found at the Daily Mail):

reebok photoshoot with miranda kerr

merinda kerr reebok

And of course, who could forget the Reebok Retone shoe advertisements?

Here we have beautiful woman, who’s in great shape, sporting Reebok shoes in her underwear.  Clearly Reebok is a paragon of modern feminism, and would never use sexual appeal to sell mere shoes.

Here’s another: this time the woman is taking out the recycling in her underwear in an apartment complex—because people do that, apparently.

Here’s one of the video advertisements that Reebok did.  Nothing sexual about this one either:

Anyways, I could go on, but I think I’ve made my point.

Reebok is lambasting President Trump for saying that a woman’s in great shape, and trying to claim brownie points with feminists.  Meanwhile, their advertising department is busily objectifying women to make a quick buck.

As hilarious as the corporate hypocrisy is, this really is too much.

Reebok: stick to making shoes, please.  No one cares about your politics.

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