Study: 70% Of Germans Want To Deport North African Migrants

New Study Shows 70 Percent of Germans No Longer See Mediterranean Migrants as Refugees, Want to Deport Economic Migrants

A new study from the research institute Civey shows that 69.8% of Germans believe that those people illegally crossing the Mediterranean are migrants, not refugees, and should therefore be deported.  The results, of course, are different for genuine refugees from Syria.

The opinions of Germans varied by region and demographic.  People aged 65 and older were the most likely to favor deportations for North African migrants (74.6%).  Likewise, East Germans were more likely that their Western counterparts to favor deportations.

Of course, there were also divisions over political lines: the majority of people affiliate with all of Germany’s major political parties (include Chancellor Angela Merkel’s) favor deportation.

The exception is the Green Party—only 34.7% of Green voters support deporting economic migrants.

The research is not particularly surprising: Germany’s false-consensus has been failing for months.

For example, last June European Union officials were finally forced to admit that the majority of those flowing into Europe were economic migrants, as opposed to refugees.

But perhaps the most important question here is why the change of heart?  It boils down to facts: migration has been a complete disaster for Germany, and Europe.  It is now to the point that many of migration’s most ardent defenders can no longer hide this fact.

The demographic and economic strain on Germany threatens to bring Europe’s largest economy to her knees—fully 1 in 7 German millennials are Muslim immigrants and migrants, and the vast majority of them are currently on welfare.

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