‘35,000 Islamic Fanatics’ Live In Britain, According To EU Anti-Terror Chief—The Most In Europe

Britain has the most Islamic radicals in Europe

Up to 35,000 Islamic Fanatics Live in Britain—the Most in Europe

As reported by the Telegraph: according to Gilles de Kerchove, the European Union’s anti-terrorism chief, Britain is home to some “35,000 Islamic fanatics”—more than any other country in Europe.  Of those, 3,000 are of serious concern to M15, and 500 are given “constant and special attention” to prevent terrorist attacks.

As for the number of radicals in the rest of Europe, de Kerchove says:

France has 17,000. Spain many less, but more than 5,000 I suppose. In Belgium almost 500 have been to Syria and there are around 2,000 radicals or more.

I wouldn’t like to put a concrete figure on it, but (in Europe) tens of thousands, more than 50,000.

We must select those who are really worrying and the most dangerous, and they should be monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Mr de Kerchove also warned that the Islamic State plans to hack European nuclear power stations or air traffic control systems within the next five years—such an attack could be especially devastating given Europe’s fragile power grid (weakened by over-integration from green energy adoption) and crowded skies.

Of course, he made no mention of the migrant crisis’ impact on European security, although it is clear—and has been admitted by other EU officials—that the migrant crisis has served as a conduit for Islamic terror.

For example, many adults, and some terrorists, have posed as children to take advantage of relatively lax child asylum laws in countries like Sweden.

The evidence for this is not only anecdotal (and logical), but has been documented in academic research as well.  For example, a pro-immigration study from the University of Warwick concluded that terrorists infect the migrant flows:

[The researchers] found that migration can under some specific circumstances be a vehicle for and driver of terrorism. The researchers detected that there was an increase in terrorism in a country that accepted migrants from another where terrorism is rife. However, countries, which accepted immigrants from countries where there is no or a low level of activism, did not suffer exposure to terrorism.

This is obvious to most people, although hardcore progressive activists seem unable to grasp the concept.  Until the migrant flow is stemmed and the illegal aliens dealt with, terrorism will continue in Europe.


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