Maryland: City Council Extends Voting Rights To Illegal Aliens

the municipality of college park, maryland voted to allow illegal aliens to vote in their municipal elections

Maryland’s Municipality of College Park Extends Voter Franchise to Illegal Aliens

Maryland is giving California a run for its money when it comes to which state can grant illegal immigrants effective amnesty more quickly.

In a startling vote this week, the city council of Maryland’s College Park elected to allow illegal aliens to vote in their municipal elections—thereby undermining the fundamental distinction between citizen and non-citizen.  The resolution passed with a 4-3 split council.

Mayor Patrick Wojahn told the Washington Post ahead of the vote:

My goal is to keep the conversation tomorrow civil and productive.  I’m hoping that we won’t have the circus around it that we had last time.

The “circus” to which he refers are the protests ahead of the last council meeting on the subject, wherein the vast majority of citizens expressed concerns against letting illegal aliens vote, according to Fox.  This is not surprising—the vast majority of Americans, whether on the right or left, recognize the inherent dangers in letting non-citizens vote in, and sway American elections.

This vote is troubling on a number of levels.  First, and perhaps foremost, it fundamentally undermines the principle of Westphalian sovereignty upon which the modern nation state, American included, is predicated upon.  In effect, the municipality is usurping control over immigration policy from the federal government.

And of course, the decision undermines the underlying principles of democratic government.  Representative democracies can only function when the citizens care for, and vote in their self interest, and the interest of their nation more broadly.  Allowing non-citizens to vote undermines this (already tenuous) connection between the voter and the government—illegal aliens have very different priorities than do citizens.

For example, the vast majority of illegal aliens vote for bigger government and more welfare.  This is not surprising, as most are poor, and many come from socialist countries.  The bottom line is that what’s good for them isn’t necessarily (or often) good for us.

It is our sincere hope that the voting franchise remains restricted to American citizens.

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