New Poll: Only 32 Percent Of Voters Think Clinton Won Primaries Fairly, 47 Percent Say They Were Rigged

New Poll from Rasmussen Reports Finds 47 Percent Think Primaries Were Rigged in Clinton’s Favor

A new poll from Rasmussen Reports finds that just 32 percent of likely voters thought Hillary Clinton won the Democratic presidential nomination fairly.

Meanwhile, 47 percent believe that the primaries were rigged against Senator Bernie Sanders, and the remaining 21 percent is still unsure.

In the wake of Donna Brazile’s book, even ardent Democrats are losing faith.  In fact, only 54 percent of “likely Democratic voters” believe Clinton won the primaries fairly—27 percent say the vote was rigged, while 19 percent are unsure.

Of course, this doesn’t just reflect a lack of faith in the system, but it also speaks to Clinton’s own reputation.  The polling also revealed that 42 percent of Democrats believe that Clinton is “less ethical” than most politicians—over twice the number that think she is more ethical than her peers (18 percent).

By contrast, only 11 percent thought that Bernie Sanders was less ethical than his peers.

Perhaps the nail in the coffin for Clinton’s career is that 61 percent of all voters think that it is time for Clinton to retire from public life.

The polling data is interesting, and confirms what many critics have been saying for years: the political class is out-of-touch with the average American citizens.  In many ways they live in a different world, insulated from the economic and social realities of mass migration.

For example, 65 percent of Americans believe that America’s quality of life has deteriorated since the 1960s, and many feel like “strangers in their own land”.  This feeling is clearly not shared by Washington’s elites, who foist ever more immigration on the American people.

Likewise, consider the great divergence of public opinion over the destruction of confederate monuments—fully 88 percent of Americans were against taking down statues of former presidents who held slaves (like George Washington, for example).

Another report found that 85 percent of Americans valued free speech above equality and political correctness.  Do the elites seem to care?  No.  They are too busy crafting hate speech legislation to care.

The gulf between the rulers and the ruled is too large.  Hopefully President Trump can resolve it.

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