Trump’s Not ‘In It For The Money’—Room Rates At Trump Hotels Fell By Up To 63 Percent In 2017

Trump Las Vegas hotel

Room Rates at Trump Hotels Fallen by up to 63 Percent Since Winning Presidency

Many left-leaning publications have accused President Donald Trump of “being in it for the money”.

For example, Vox News ran a piece this April with the headline Donald Trump’s first 100 days have been a moneymaking success story: He’s getting what he cares about.  According to Vox, President Trump is only interested in profiting from his Presidency—the way the Clinton family has managed to earn $240 million over their careers as public servants.

However, a recent report from the The Telegraph shows this is clearly not the case.  Not only is President Trump donating his $400,000 annual salary, but room rates at his hotels have fallen dramatically since he took office.  In fact, the average room rate at Trump-brand hotels has fallen by as much as 63 percent.

The Telegraph reports:

Hardest hit was Trump Las Vegas. The average cost of a two-night stay in a standard double room during January 2017, just before his inauguration, was priced at £637, according to analysis by FairFX, the currency provider. But a two-night break in January 2018, one year on, can be secured for just £237.

. . . steep drops have also been found for stays at Trump Doral in Miami (down 53 per cent), Trump Washington DC (down 52 per cent), Trump Vancouver (down 48 per cent), and Trump New York (down 32 per cent).

A full list of price comparisons can be seen in the graphic below:

hotel prices at president trump's hotels have declined significantly since last yearThe data clearly shows that President Trump is not “profiting” from his office—at least not presently.  If anything, it seems that running for office was a a bad idea from a business perspective.

There are a few reasons for why prices at Trump-brand hotels have declined so significantly.  First, and most obviously, many left-leaning travelers are likely boycotting the properties because they do not like President Donald Trump’s personality or policies.  This is by no means out of the ordinary: recent polling data suggests that some 80 million Americans are currently boycotting companies for political reasons.

It is also the case that many people who would like to stay in a Trump hotel may be dissuaded by the constant protesting and threat of terrorist violence against the properties—why risk it?

Finally, Trump hotels are luxury properties—they cater to the rich.  The rich hate Trump.  This ties into the first reason, but it’s worth mentioning independently.  America’s elites overwhelmingly supported Hillary Clinton for President, as NewsMax points out.

On the whole, the data clearly shows that President Trump is not “in it for the money”.

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