SHOCKING: Feminist Study Finds Women Want Men With “Muscles And Money”

study confirms that women find masculine men more attractive than beta males

Feminist Journal Publishes Study Confirming that Women Find Masculine Men Sexually Attractive—Shocker

According to research conducted by the UK’s Coventry and Aberystwyth Universities, and published in the journal Feminist Media Studies, women prefer strong, muscular men to more feminine, low-testosterone “beta” males.  Shocking, I know.

From the paper’s abstract:

We suggest that in TubeCrush, value is directed onto the bodies of particular men, creating a visual economy of post-feminist masculinity of whiteness, physical strength, and economic wealth. This celebration of masculine capital is achieved through humor and the knowing wink, but the outcome is a reaffirmation of urban hegemonic masculinity.

For context, TubeCrush is a British website dedicated to celebrating “guy candy” on the London Underground, or “the Tube” as it’s colloquially known. The site aggregates pictures of attractive men taking the Tube and lets its users rate them according to their attractiveness.  The site also allows comments, which provide insight into its user’s (mostly women) sexual preferences.

The study finds that women prefer masculine men to their cosmopolitan, or metrosexual counterparts.  For example, the study mentions that [i]n terms of objectification, in the sense that body parts are made to stand alone, [objectification] occurs through repeated emphasis on the biceps, pecs, and chest.

It doesn’t stop at the upper body though. Users of TubeCrush repeatedly objectify men’s thighs and hands as evidence of the man’s sexual prowess:

The groin area and thighs, too, are repeatedly made a focal point. The relationship between thighs and groin are suggestive of sexual power, or in their visibility are made to stand as part of the “service” of attractive masculinity…

In addition to biceps, pecs, chest, groin, and thighs, there is regular suggestion that photographed men have large penises, usually with reference to other large body parts or items (e.g., hands, shoes, bags), again implying sexual prowess[.]

This just goes to show that no matter how much the left invests in social engineering, there is no way to around the fact that certain body types are more attractive than others.

No woman pines for a skinny-fat man-child with thighs as thick as her wrist, who needs to call his mom to open pickle jars.  They want a strong, tall, muscular man—a man who’s attractive in the conservative sense of the word.

Also interestingly, the study also looked at the question of diversity and sexual preferences:

Diversity is limited, with nonwhite men being virtually absent, and when included, often notable for their defining racial features. This absence of the bodies of nonwhite men is significant given that London is hailed as a multicultural city, so that we might expect more diversity.

Of course, leftists explain this fact strictly in terms of racism, despite the fact that London is less than 50 percent non-British at this point.  It is not unreasonable to assume that many of the women snapping pictures on the Tube are women of color—are they racist too?

Apparently so, the study suggests.  And not only that, the paper deems the website as a whole as one that creates a:

phalli-oriented visual economy that turns desire toward hegemonic masculinity by combining a celebration of mostly white men who represent traditional masculine values (muscles and money).

And there you have it: women’s biologically-driven sexual desires serve the patriarchy.  Time to blame men for God’s work.

Summing up the study: (1) women objectify men just as men objectify women, (2) women like large, strong, rich men, and (3) British women prefer white men.  Nothing here should come as shocking.  If it did, I suggest you get out of your liberal bubble once in a while.

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