New Poll: 59 Percent Of Americans Think Bill Clinton Is A Sexual Predator

Just 13 Percent of Likely American Voters Think Bill Clinton is Innocent of Sexual Assault Allegations

New polling data from Rasmussen Reports suggests that the political tide is turning against Bill and Hillary Clinton—particularly regarding the sexual allegations against Bill Clinton.

The poll finds that just 13 percent of “likely US voters” do not believe that at least one of the allegations of sexual assault against Bill Clinton, while some 59 percent believe the allegations.  The remaining 28 percent of people are still undecided.

In any event, this represents an important shift from just one year ago, when many Democrats defended Bill Clinton’s integrity in the bid to get Hillary elected—clearly a case of putting politics before morality.

The survey was conducted on November 26 and 28, 2017, and the margin of sampling error is +/- 3 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence.

This shift is consonant with other data regarding the Clinton’s fall from grace:

Another recent poll finds that just 32 percent of likely voters thought Hillary Clinton won the Democratic presidential nomination fairly.  Meanwhile, 47 percent believe that the primaries were rigged against Senator Bernie Sanders, and the remaining 21 percent are still unsure.

The allegations of foul play have hurt Hillary’s personal reputation.  Some 42 percent of Democrats believe that Clinton is “less ethical” than most politicians—over twice the number that think she is more ethical than her peers (18 percent).  On top of that, 61 percent of all voters think that it is time for Hillary Clinton to retire from public life.

Hopefully, she and and husband take the hint:



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