Reported Rapes Up 10 Percent In Sweden In 2017, Says National Council On Crime Prevention

Sweden’s National Council on Crime Prevention Reports Rapes Increased 10 Percent in 2017

New preliminary figures from Sweden’s National Council on Crime Prevention reveal that the number of rapes reported to the authorities increased by 10 percent in 2017.  More specifically:

The number of sex crimes reported in Sweden increased by eight percent (1,600 reports), with the number of reported rapes in particular increasing by 10 percent – 663 reported rapes more than 2016 and reaching a total of 7,230.

Reported instances of sexual molestation also grew by three percent (326 reports) to 10,800 and reported instances of sexual coercion and exploitation by seven percent (1,330 reports).

The data set upon which these figures are based “include all incidents reported as crimes with the police, prosecution authority and other authorities tasked with investigating crimes in Sweden.”  Likewise, they include “incidents later shown not to be crimes following investigations.”

That is, some of this rise could be due to an increase in false-positives or over-reporting—but likely not all of it.

Swedish criminologist Teresa Silva, who spoke with Sweden’s The Local, admonished that the data should be taken out of context:

We always have to be careful with analyzing reported crimes. We don’t know from the reported crime statistics whether the crime has actually occurred more, or if it’s just that people report it more. They are always tricky, you have to think beyond the statistics themselves. Years ago these kind of crimes, sex crimes, were not spoken about and had stigma attached to them.

So what do these stats not tell us? Detailed characteristics of the victims for example – we don’t know their demographic and social profile, or if more immigrants are reporting these crimes after becoming more integrated in Sweden and aware that they can report them.

To some degree she’s correct: Swedish authorities are specifically instructed not to record the ethnic background of criminals, for fear of stoking racial divides between native Swedes and immigrants (particularly migrants).Sweden's crime is caused by migrants & refugees, graph

However, a number of studies have attempted to fill the data gap left by the government’s inadequacy, and they have all found that the vast majority of crimes—particularly crimes of a sexual nature—are committed by non-Swedes, and especially by migrants.

The most comprehensive study on migrant sex crimes in Sweden was released in October 2017.  Researcher Joakim P Jonasson looked at all known cases of rape in Sweden between 2012 and 2017, with an eye to determining whether the influx of some some 318,000 migrants from the Middle East and Africa (2014-present) impacted rape rates as conservative observers have claimed.

What he found was chilling (but not altogether shocking):

The research reveals that between 2012 and 2017 the proportion of native (white) Swedes convicted of rape, relative to immigrant groups, has decreased since 2013, and fallen sharply over the past two years.

This is because of the migrant influx: two out of every three serious rapes are committed by asylum seekers or asylees who have since been granted permanent residence status.

Furthermore, men with immigrant backgrounds commit 84 percent of all (gross) rapes in Sweden.

In fact, men with Afghani, Iraqi, and Somalian backgrounds commit more rapes—in both absolute and proportional numbers—than do native Swedes.  For context, there are only ~170,000 men from said countries in Sweden (not including any of the 290,000 refugee men), compared to ~4.5 million native Swedish men. . .

Breaking down the numbers further: 95.6 percent of all violent rapes (that is, where the woman is not subdued through social pressure, drugs or alcohol, or fear of violence, but through the actual use of physical violence) were committed by men of foreign descent (this includes legal immigrants and migrants).

Likewise, 90 percent of all gang rapes are committed by men of foreign descent, many of whom were Afghani.  In fact, fully one quarter of all gang rapists were Afghani immigrants.

This is echoed in other studies.

The graph on the right plots the results of one such study, which looked at the relationship between immigration and crime in Sweden.  The blue bar represents petty crimes, the yellow moderate crimes (automobile theft), while the red is violent and sexual crimes (assault, rape, murder).

Following the arrival of migrants to Sweden, the overall number of moderate crimes doubled, while the absolute number of violent and sexual crimes tripled.  Importantly, notice how petty crimes remain largely unchanged—this is because the migrants tend to commit not only more crimes than native Swedes, but far worse ones.

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