Report: Fingerprint Data Shows 90 Percent of Moroccan “Underage” Migrants to Sweden are Actually Adults

the european union finally admits the refugees are actually economic migrants

Fingerprint Data Shows that 90 Percent of Moroccan “Child” Migrants are Adults

A new cooperation agreement between Sweden and Morocco to share their fingerprint databases reveals that 90 per cent of “underage” Moroccan asylum seekers are actually adults.

Per Löwenberg, Group Head of the Swedish National Border Policy Division, had this to say of the new agreement:

We have been given permission to work very well with Moroccan authorities, and have a working routine that we are very pleased with.

These findings are in line with data from the Swedish National Board of Forensic Medicine earlier this year, which found that 86 percent of all “child migrants” were actually adults, based on their dental records and hormone levels.

Essentially, the “official reports” are confirming what many knew all along: most of Europe’s migrants are adult males, not poor women and children.  This was obvious to anyone who bothered to see the primary footage:

The migrant crisis is having a deleterious effect on Europe, both in social and economic terms.

In terms of society, the migrants have brought with them a deluge of terrorism and crime.  For example, the EU estimates that at least 35,000 potential terrorists currently live in the UK—the highest number in Europe.  Many of them used the migrant flows to hide their identities, and conceal their approach.

Likewise, the Swedish government has been forced to concede that “thousands” of Jihadists entered Sweden alongside the economic migrants.

The migrants have also brought with them crime.  Consider that migrants commit two-thirds of all violent rapes in Sweden, and that this figure increased by 10 percent last year.  Migrants bring crime, and it’s getting worse.

The same is true in Germany, where migrants committed 52.7 percent more crime in 2016 than in 2015.

The economic picture is little better: Sweden spends nearly 20 percent of its national budget on migrants (including education, policing, healthcare).

In Austria, studies have shown that upwards of 90 percent of all migrants collect government welfare, to the exclusion of working.  Migrants won’t pay for Europe’s welfare state, they’ll destroy it.  It’s time they realized this.


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