Trump’s Deal Would’ve Legalized 250 Percent More Illegal Immigrants Than DACA; Democrats STILL Call Him Racist

Trump Gives Democrats a Sweetheart Deal, and They Squander It

This weekend the entire country learned that there is no pleasing the left.

Last week, President Trump offered a sweetheart deal to the Democrats to get them to negotiate on immigration policy and to avoid another government shutdown. By all measures, this deal was awful for Republicans, who hold a majority in both the House and the Senate.

The deal would essentially trade ending chain migration, the diversity visa lottery, and funding for the border wall for DREAMers citizenship.

Some speculated that this deal was just a bluff; one of many attempts to play 4D chess with the Democrats as President Trump is speculated to do.

Well after this weekend, we may now have our answer.

The Democrats have yet to call President Trump’s bluff, and in fact have made complete fools of themselves in attempting to (again) spin this deal as somehow a racist, white supremacist deal that throws immigrants, illegal and legal, under the bus.

This is utter lunacy.

To start, most people actually support limiting legal and illegal immigration. This includes the majority of blacks, Hispanics, and Democrats.

The deal President Trump offered is one that would legalize 250% more illegal immigrants than President Obama’s executive amnesty.

This is one of those “pick one” moments in politics. Either President Obama’s executive amnesty was also racist, or President Trump’s deal isn’t. You can’t have both.

I understand there is an argument saying that President Obama’s executive amnesty was not enough in the eyes of Democrats, but then why not acknowledge that it was also racist in the interim to try and push Republicans to do a hardline leftist immigration bill, that would only satisfy the most ardent liberals? The fact is, reconciling this two contradictory statements is very difficult, even for the best mental gymnasts.

Unless, of course, you’re House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), who said “the plan is a campaign to make America white again,” or Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), who said Trump was using the deal “as a tool to tear apart our legal immigration system and adopt the wish-list by anti-immigration hardliners.”

Schumer’s comments are particularly ironic, since the Democrat elites are some of the most hardliners on immigration in the country. And this weekend proves it.

The fact is, Democrats are posturing in this case. They proved this weekend that they don’t care about illegal immigration or DREAMers. They showed their hand, and now we know that Democrats don’t actually want to fix immigration. They want to increase it, relax the rules, and use the DREAMers as pawns to wield against President Trump and the Republicans in the interims.

Democrats squandered a chance to take an amazing, and hopefully one-time, deal that would’ve given them everything for almost nothing. This brinkmanship by the Democrats will hopefully be recognized by their base, who should now realize that the current Democrats leading their party are only interested in maintaining power, and nothing else.