despite taking in 3 million refugees, economic migrants, and asylum seekers, European governments still don't know how much refugees cost

Europe’s Governments Fudge Refugee Costs

June 6, 2017 John Whitaker 4

No One Knows How Much Europe’s Migrant Crisis Costs Despite the fact that Europe—led by “humanitarian superpowers” Germany and Sweden—has absorbed at least 3 million refugees and economic migrants from the Middle East and Africa since 2015, no one knows how . . .

woman at work in factory

America’s Gender Pay Gap Is A Myth

May 26, 2017 Scott Brown 1

Debunking the Gender Pay Gap Myth—It’s Just a Tool for 2017’s Identity Politics Even the famously left-leaning New York Times has begun quietly revealing the truth about the supposed gender pay gap in America: it’s caused by . . .

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