Alex Nowrasteh, a Modern Procrustes

September 29, 2018 Spencer P Morrison 2

Alex Nowrasteh is many things. He is the Cato Institute’s senior immigration policy analyst. He is a self-described “radical” open borders advocate. And he is Tucker Carlson’s punching bag. But most importantly, Alex Nowrasteh is . . .


Bill Kristol, Hedgehog King

August 4, 2018 Spencer P Morrison 0

Remember when Bill Kristol said the Iraq War would last two months?  It (officially) lasted nine years and cost Americans over $2 trillion—and we’re still there. How about when Kristol boldly stated that Barack Obama . . .

adam smith on the wealth of nations and tariffs

Adam Smith on Tariffs: an Interview

July 28, 2018 Warren Platts 3

Adam Smith, author of An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations, considered the arguments made by today’s proponents of unilateral free trade and responded to them in print – more . . .

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